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Work in Progress

5 Oct

So remember Mabel? Yeah, it’s the side table I’ve been promising an update on for like three weeks now. Well, I have made some progress! Babies and working and keeping a house under control sorta make things move in slow-motion ’round here sometimes.

Anyhoo, Mabel.

Here she is before I got to working on her makeover. At first, I thought I would just paint her completely white and I would just keep her as a side table. Because you never know when you’ll need another side table! Am I right? Then I got to looking around and thought that a stippling effect on the glass would look cool. At first, I was ok with it, but just not in love with the whole glass shebang.

Then one day, I was deep-cleaning the house sitting around and I thought, “what if I turn this little boring side table into a seat?”

And then it happened. I had to get fabric and scrap wood and make this little idea of mine a reality.First, I had Dave cut down two pieces of scrap wood. One to fit in the space where the glass went, and one to cover that awful wicker ‘shelf.’ To make the seat, I just laid cotton batting on top of the wood, wrapped my fabric around it and stapled the fabric to the back. Oh, make sure you iron your fabric first. This gives it a nice crisp look (maybe I’m just OCD.)

To make the corners, i just folded triangles in (sorta like wrapping a gift) and stapled the bunch down. My staples didn’t go all the way in, so I just used a hammer to push any sticker-outers (technical term) all the way in.

And voila! We have a seat cushion! Ok, theoretically we have a seat cushion. I’m still not so great at this whole getting pictures of every step deal. New Year’s Resolution?

So yeah, progress! I’ve actually done more…those changes will be coming Monday. Pinky promise!


Extreme Makeover – Table Edition

26 Sep

Sneak preview of Mabel’s extreme makeover!! Remember what she looked like before? If not, you can see that here.

Any guesses at what’s she’s undergoing?

Repurposing in the Key of FREE

14 Sep

I love Fridays! Not only is it the last day of the working week, it’s also trash day! Yes, I get excited about trash. I’ve never been lucky enough to find an awesome piece of furniture to refurbish on trash day – until today. That’s right friends, I hit the furniture trash jackpot today!

Allow me to introduce you to…Mabel. She’s a side table….and she’s purrrrrty.

Some neighbors of ours decided Mabel needed a new home, and of course I was happy to provide her one. I’ve got lots of plans for the old girl…a coat of paint perhaps? Or maybe a nice dark stain? Maybe a bit of both?

I’ve already tackled redoing the glass top. There are tons of pictures on pinterest on using Mod Podge to ‘stain’ glass, so that’s what I decided to do. It’s super easy too, which is a common theme in most everything I do.

All you need is Mod Podge, food coloring and a paintbrush. Add food coloring to the mod podge until you get the color you want, then paint it on the glass. I painted the back of my glass because I didn’t want to worry about the finish getting scratched off with use. Make sure you lay down something underneath the glass, you don’t want colored carpet.

After brushing on the color, take a paper towel and blot it. Don’t worry about making it perfect. To get the clear finish, pop it in the oven on 175°. Yep, the oven. Just keep an eye on it til it looks right. This piece of glass only took about 10 minutes or so.

I think the mottled look from blotting with paper towels give the glass an antique-y look, what do you think?

Stay tuned for the rest of Mabel’s makeover!

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