Ceiling, Schmeiling.

4 Sep

Moving into a builder-grade home, most people would be satisfied and think everything is pretty much done, right? Not this duo. We’re gluttons for punishment. So after moving into our very vanilla tract home, we’ve decided to turn our lives upside-down completely revamp the entire home.

One of the first things we decided to tackle was repainting our cream-colored ceilings. See, our builder is so handy (how handy are they?) that they don’t paint the walls and the ceiling different colors. So if you choose cream-colored walls, guess what color ceilings you get? Cream. If you choose white walls, guess what color you get then. Yep, you got it. White. Because our house was already finished, we didn’t get to partake in that step in the decision-making process, so we were gifted with cream ceilings – a la 1993. Pretty fancy. Even fancier is that air mattress in the midst of it all.

Cream is not exactly our cup o’ tea. …unless you put the cream in the tea…then maybe we could be swayed. Anyway, looking up at Coffeemate colored ceilings was just not cutting it for us. Let the painting begin.

1683 square feet may not seem like much house, but climbing up and down a ladder roughly 36-billion times to paint a ceiling will quickly convince you otherwise. We bought Olympic brand ceiling paint and were promised that it would only take one coat to cover the cream paint. Two coats and multiple touch-ups later, I’m here to tell you that’s a blatant lie.

Overall, painting the ceilings took us two weeks, working for a few hours after work every evening and a couple hours on the weekends.

After enduring this nightmare project, I would recommend saving yourself the heartache and buy this. Goes on pink, dries white. No touch-ups required! Hopefully.

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